MicroTesla operates a facility that has (2) three-meter, three-axis Helmholtz coils. We continuously monitor the Earth's magnetic field and the local environment to ensure that our calibrations are as accurate as possible. If significant disturbances of the Earth's magnetic field occur, the calibration activities are briefly suspended.

Although we can calibrate any magnetic directional instrument, we specialize in MicroTesla sensors and modules. Instruments can be calibrated up to 200˚C as specified by the customer.

In 2012 we designed and manufactured a custom in-house, microprocessor controlled tool switcher for heating MicroTesla tools during calibration and testing. We also added one more shake table substantially increasing our ESS capacity so that our monthly tool throughput can maintain a repair turnaround time less than 30 days.

In 2013 we deployed a new annealing oven for magnetometer manufacturing, and we built an additional magnetometer winder for improved product volume. In 2014, we added a third, larger vibrations table capable of tests with vibrations up to 30G RMS.

MicroTesla is also constructing a new facility with an 11,000-square-foot, non-magnetic calibration building. An 18,500-square-foot manufacturing and engineering building will follow shortly after the calibration building construction.

The troubleshooting and repair of MicroTesla directional steering instruments is performed by trained, experienced technicians. Repair and rework is done to the original equipment specifications. We are committed to providing a fair value to our customers during a tool repair cycle. Our repair and calibration cycle time is 30 days or less for all tools, pending customer approval. MicroTesla electronics assembly technicians are qualified and certified for a wide variety of soldering techniques including SN63, SN96, HMP and Gold solder.

MicroTesla uses a detailed qualification and instrument testing program to quantify our directional instrument performance. We qualify every product design with thermal soak, thermal cycling, vibration and vibration-at-temperature testing. Each tool sold by MicroTesla is rated at 175˚C, unless the customer specifies the use of 150˚C accelerometers. Any MicroTesla tool equipped with SiFlex2 accelerometers is calibrated and tested to 125˚C.