MicroTesla provides the industry with magnetometers, SiFlex2 accelerometers, analog directional sensors and fully optimized directional steering modules. Our product portfolio now includes a high-resolution MDS for wireline steering applications, and a high-resolution MDM for said applications.

MicroTesla is constantly seeking performance improvements for our directional instruments. In 2013 we introduced the XE chassis, the strongest chassis ever designed and manufactured by MicroTesla. We are also replacing aging electronic components to improve our reliability and to increase our temperature limits.

These improvements include replacing an “End of Life” FPGA with a high-temp microprocessor, replacing low-temp capacitors with high-temp capacitors, replacing low-temp precision resistors with high-temp precision resistors and incorporating new high-temperature analog-to-digital conversion. We have improved our Ulti-Pak pre-forms to eliminate geometric variations and are also using an improved Ulti-Pak material with superior dampening characteristics.

MicroTesla offers a complete range of downhole magnetometer-based technologies to meet your application requirements. Whether you need drop-in replacements for your existing sensor fleet, directional sensor packages, or high-temperature smart directional modules, you can expect experienced engineering and advanced technology.