In 2014, MicroTesla will develop a new directional instrument, setting a new standard for accuracy. Additional sensors combined with a patented, skewed sensor array results in an optimal physical and mathematical solution to calculating wellbore position. The MicroTesla 4AM Directional Instrument combined with real-time error correction and onboard survey management algorithms improves survey accuracy and reduces wellbore position uncertainty by up to 35%.

The MicroTesla engineering team is dedicated to developing technology designs that are reliable, accurate and durable. These designs are optimized to ensure reliable manufacturing, accurate calibration and timely service.

  • Downhole directional instrument design
  • Surface and embedded software application programming
  • Solid model mechanical design
  • Calibration modeling theory and programming
  • Environmental qualification and testing

If a product performance anomaly or failure occurs, we immediately focus our engineering resources to duplicate and quantify the problem. As soon as the problem is identified and understood, a collateral effect study is completed. A detailed summary of corrective action options is developed and then an “Optimal System” course of action is determined. These corrective actions are quickly implemented and qualified to ensure instrument performance and customer satisfaction.

We are proud to maintain our ISO 9001 Certification and actively follow the process goals to achieve continuous improvement in our designs and in our engineering and manufacturing practices. We are currently testing and will soon deploy a new annealing oven for magnetometer manufacturing and we will build an additional magnetometer winder for improved product volume.